Too young and wild to be ya savior. Simps

This where I enter some cliché shit tellin u about myself, huh? like u care..i hate u all

a photo that changed a nation

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Anonymous tips for making a girl cum?


this is what gets girls off okay, I recommend it.

start fucking her missionary style, MAKE EYE CONTACT THE ENTIRE TIME. 

then while you’re fucking her you’re going to want to tell her how much you love her and how she’s your future wife.

she may look slightly repulsed but she’s just trying to hide her true love for you (people don’t wanna come across clingy, ya know? ya) 

then you gotta gently kiss her and tell her how beautiful she is 

it helps if you have some flowers and maybe some candles lit around the room too


treat her right, make her cum hard but only in the eyes of the lord after you get married and only want to do it for reproductive purposes <333 

now i’ve done this like 5 times ok and none of the girls have called me back but I think it’s just me, the plan is golden. 



when u nut and shawty keep suckin

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Your nudes are safe with me.

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Chevrolet - El Camino

Lemme find one

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